Paint dish

上:  京都・鴨川の砂を陶芸の窯で焼いて、磨り潰して絵の具皿に水で溶いて乾いた様子です。陶粉画 Kamo River の表面と同じです。

Upper : The paint dish in a dry state, the sand from Kamogawa river in Kyoto, fired
in a ceramic kiln and ground into powder. It is the same texture as the ceramic
powder paintings titled Kamo River below.

116 x 116 cm
fired sand from Kamogawa River, ceramic powder , acrylic medium on panel

  ●   ●

下: 兵庫県・揖保川の砂を温度を変えて焼いて、白い陶粉との調合を変えた色見本です。
これから2015年の新しい IBO River を描きます。

Below : the color sample of the sand from Ibogawa River in Hyogo, fired in various
temperatures and mixed with white ceramic powder in some blend ratios.
I've started to paint the new type of Ibo River for 2015.


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