group show

展覧会名「group show」@ ギャラリー小柳 in 銀座。





6/18 ~ 8/2

" group show "
June 18 – August 2, 2014
Gallery Koyanagi

Now on exhibiting my works.

The show titled " group show" at Gallery Koyanagi Tokyo.

I installed 2 large paintings finished last spring 2014 and 1 ceramic sculpture which is exhibited on a show at Gallery Koyanagi 1991. I was surprised to see my old
sculpture carried out from the gallery storage at first. Then I was surprised again
to know that I felt this 23 years as if it was about 10 years.

It is rectangle work all the same but I have tried and changed the approach to
the work in many aspects, the cray, the ways of making and firing and installing.
I enjoyed the dialogue with my old piece while I installed it with new paintings.

Other artists show both of current and beginning works as well.

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