the River Tama

The newest commission work was released on April 2014.
I installed my work on the wall in the entrance hall at the residential complex
near the River Tama. I made my ceramic pieces by firing the original soil below
the ground of the building.

The project was started to get the original soil at the construction site.
I attended sedimenting work when they started the constructing on a cold and
windy day in November 2012, unearthed the very smooth clay stratum at 2-3m
below the ground.

First, I prepared 18 types of clays, including some samples mixed with other
materials in the dug clay, and fired in 10 patterns of temperatures. I got 180
test pieces and choose 20 to make rectangle ceramic blocks for the wall in the
entrance hall. (These could look like tablets ancient wrote cuneiform characters)

This building is located in the small ex-post town " Nakahara" (means the
middle of the river field) on the old highway near The River Tama. The rainwater
levigated and gathered the volcanic ash from Mt.Fuji from all over the west part
of tokyo and the River Tama carried the small grains of ash and accumulated
this clay stratum by the floodwaters proximately 2 million years ago. I think this
process is similar to the development of " Nakahara" as a post town from small


Every town starts out as a small settlement. As people, goods, and information
arrive from other places and accumulate in a complex manner, over a period of
many years, the town develops its own unique character. Like the sand in a river,
things comes from every area of the river basin, are carried beyond various
borders by the current, and accumulate along the river to become part of the

extracted ( http://ameblo.jp/yoonheechang/entry-11705298321.html)


I believe each piece, fired rectangle clay, archives a memory of the River Tama
and a memory of Nakahara town in the manner of not red but visible,like a




雨水が関東の西部に堆積した富士山の火山灰を水簸して集め、多摩川がそれを運び、川から溢れた水が細かな粒子を少しずつ積み重ねて粘土の地層ができたのは推定200万年前ごろのことのようです。このプロセスは、中原が 小さな集落から宿場町をへて今日の姿に発展したことと似ているように、私には思えました。








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