Tatsuno Art Project 2013

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Tatsuno Art Project 2013   :   15 - 24 Nov 2013
龍野アートプロジェクト  11月15日~24日 2013




Sand River Project 2: Ibo River

I collected sand from the Ibo River and fired it.


Tatsuno, Yamazaki, Ichinomiya.

In the Middle Ages, Tatsuno was a castle town and Yamazaki a distribution center,
and in ancient times, Ichinomiya was a rice-producing area.

Each town developed by reaping the benefits of the Ibo River. With the addition of
Shiso, the source of the river, and Aboshi, its estuary, to signify the beginning and
end of the Ibo, I gathered sand from a total of five locations.

By putting the sand into a ceramic kiln, and firing it using ten temperature patterns,
I created sand with 50 different colors.

I chose three of these, and after crushing them into powder used them as paint.
After mixing this together with white ceramic powder, I made a picture called Ibo
River. I installed both of fired sand and painting in the riverside room looking out
over the Ibo River and Tatsuno castle town.

 * *

Every town starts out as a small settlement. As people, goods, and information
arrive from other places and accumulate in a complex manner, over a period of
many years, the town develops its own unique character. Like the sand in a river,
things comes from every area of the river basin, are carried beyond various borders
by the current, and accumulate along the river to become part of the town.

 * * *

As I collected sand while traveling down the Ibo under the blazing sun in the
summerof 2013, I physically experienced the towns as points along the river.

And as I fired the sand that I had collected, and saw its color change subtly
according to the temperature of the kiln, I thought about how each town that
dotted the river had prospered, how it had changed as a result, and how it had
assumed its present form after slowly glimmering over many years.

Along with the passage of time, ceaselessly flowing since ancient times, the river
ofsand has continued to flow, and along with people’s actions, given rise to the
current landscape. Firing sand from the Ibo River and painting a picture with it
makes me feel as if I have touched the essence of this landscape.

––Yoon Heechang
Autumn 2013


砂の流れ -2 



それを白い陶磁器の粉と合わせて揖保川の絵 「 IBO River 」を描いた。焼いた砂とその砂で描いた陶粉画を、揖保川と龍野の町が見渡せる川沿いの部屋に展示した。

  * *


 * * *


太古から変らない時間の流れのなかで、Sand River(砂の流れ )もまた流れ続け、人の営みとともにこの風景を作り上げてきた。

                        2013年  秋
                           尹 煕倉



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